Yolélé Fonio Grain Pilaf Mix African Supergrain Ancient Grains Organic Gluten-Free Non GMO Vegan Protein Fiber Super Food Paleo-Friendly Rice Alternative, Yassa Onion, Lime, and Chili 2-Pack


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Brand: Yolélé


  • LIGHT AND FLUFFY ANCIENT GRAIN: Two 7 oz bags of fonio ancient African super grain. 100% gluten-free, non gmo vegan protein grain organically grown in West Africa. Yolele fonio pilaf is blended with flavorful herbs and spices. Use fonio millet grain pilaf mix to replace couscous mix recipes in your cooking.
  • WEST AFRICAN FLAVOR PILAF: Inspired by Senegal’s most popular dish, Yassa chicken, our yassa onion, lime and chili fonio rice pilaf with a juicy, citrus, savory taste offers the vibrant and comforting flavors of caramelized onions, smoky chili pepper heat, and juicy lime. Serve with roasted chicken, seared tofu or grilled seafood and mango
  • POWERFUL NUTRITION: Fonio grain pilafs with high protein and fiber, iron, b-vitamins, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, and zinc. Rich with antioxidants, amino acids, methionine and cysteine, which promote hair, skin, and nail growth
  • COOKS IN 5 MINUTES: Fast cooking and nutritious low carb grain rice alternative fonio pilafs are absolutely delicious on their own, paired with grilled or raw vegetables, or your choice of protein. Serve hot or cold. 1 bag makes 4 cups of cooked pilaf mix, 160 calories each vs white rice, 206 cal
  • PURPOSE-DRIVEN: Covered by Bon Appetit “America’s New Favorite Supergrain” The NYT, CNN, Saveur, Food and Wine, Eater and NPR. Our purpose is to help small farmers in the Sahel Region and to introduce the flavors of West Africa to the world

Package Dimensions: 35x194x200

Details: Meet Fonio (pronounced phone-yo): West Africa’s oldest grain. This tiny ancient grain holds a place of honor in cultures and cuisines across West Africa and has been grown by smallholder farmers for thousands of years. To the Dogon people of Mali, it is “The Seed of the Universe,” the grain at the root of all existence. Fonio grows across the Sahel region: the semi-arid band between the Sahara desert and lush forests to the south. The Sahel region’s hot, dry climate and poor sandy soil do not support most crops. But fonio flourishes. Its extensive roots help it draw water from deep underground and secure the topsoil from erosion, making it a climate smart grain. More than half of the world’s food energy comes from three “mega-crops”: rice, wheat, and corn. Including different grains like fonio into your diet helps to increase our planet’s biodiversity and resilience. Yassa! Fonio Pilaf, aka The Spice: “Yassa chicken, a delicious dish of caramelized onion, lime, and chicken, is one of Sengal’s most famous dishes,” Yolélé co-founder Chef Pierre Thiam explains in his seminal cookbook “Senegal: Modern Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl.” Inspired by that dish, this pilaf is a perfect introduction to Senegalese cuisine. The flavors are complex and deep. Yassa Fonio Pilaf offers sweetness from caramelized onion, combined with the smokiness of roasted peppers, and acidity of lime to create all the comforting traditional yassa flavors in one easy to make side dish.

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