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Brand: Clear Max


  • PROBIOTICS FOR DOGS CAT PROBIOTIC – natural composition with enzymes helps your pet to eat right, absorb more nutrients and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Does not contain chemical additives.
  • PROBIOTIC PLUS PREBIOTIC POWER – probiotic for dogs creates optimal conditions for digestion and absorption of food, and the prebiotic helps to open up the probiotic 100 percentaj. Give it a try
  • DIGESTIVE FOR ALL BREEDS – pet probiotics are designed to gently optimize digestion, pleasant for the dog and cat. It is a basic supplement with high potency and performance in every drop
  • ONLY NATURAL PET PROBIOTIC BLEND – 3 billion CFU and not a single artificial additive – that’s what we call natural composition Doesn’t require long digestion, easy to use.
  • SAFE FOR ALL PETS – the pet will forget about the discomfort, and you can not worry about his health – now he is provided with natural support. Non-GMO, Made in USA, no sugar, no hormones.

Package Dimensions: 55x132x118

Details: Like humans, most of pet’s immunity resides in its digestive tract. So maintaining a balance in the digestive system is a great way to keep your pet healthy. One possible way to do this is to supplement your cat’s or dog diet with probiotics, which help regulate digestion and overall health. Cat probiotics and dog probiotics can help maintain normal gut health.They not only help with clinical signs of indigestion (decreased appetite, vomiting, stool changes), but also help to strengthen the immune system. By absorbing probiotics and digestive enzymes in food, water or directly into the mouth your pet will gain the same natural health reserve that is available to him outside the home, yard or city. Useful and complete digestive probiotics are poorly absorbed if the pet eats a pill or powder.Liquid helps the best – the drops are easy to use, dispense, take with you wherever you go. The liquid form of the combination of probiotics and prebiotics is more stable and more quickly distributed in the digestive tract. Due to high-quality standards in production, we have developed a safe and comprehensive product – probiotic for dogs, because we know how much you love your pets. Easy to Use: 1. Shake well ? 2. Choose amount of drops Pets under 10 pounds=1 dropper Pets 10-35 lbs=2 droppers Pets 36+ lbs= 3 droppers ? 3. Add the right amount of drops into food or water bowl.

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