Pili Hunters – Wild Sprouted Pili Nuts, Traditional Fried Avocado Oil (5 oz Bag) Keto/Paleo/Vegan Snacks, Low Carb Energy, Gluten Free, Superfood, The Original As Seen on TV


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Brand: Pili Hunters


  • KETO-FRIENDLY SNACK – Pili nut healthy snacks are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and saturated fat with zero net carbs making this the perfect keto snack that is vegan and paleo-friendly. Thomas Delauer recommended.
  • DEEP FRIED – Our deep-fried pili nuts are cooked in heart-healthy avocado oil to enhance their rich, buttery flavor. These lightly salted nuts are a great nutrient-dense food that can be eaten alone or used as additions to any dish.
  • NATURES HEALTHY NUT – This high fat, low carb nut is also an excellent source of Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin B1, Phosphorous and so much more.
  • FEEL FULLER LONGER – Pili nuts salted vegan snacks contain all 8 amino acids and are rich in protein, curving your hunger.
  • PILI HUNTERS MISSION – We’ve always been focused on sharing our favorite keto nut with the world while treating the Filipino rainforest, the pili nut’s origin, with respect while offering a fair wage to the local harvesters.

Package Dimensions: 44x203x132

Details: The Original US Purveyor of Sprouted Pili Nuts Grown naturally in the rich volcanic soils of the Filipino rain forest, our wild, hand-harvested sprouted pili nuts are lightly coated with raw Himalayan salt and finished with a touch of coconut MCT oil. After harvest, the pili nuts are sprouted and activated through a salt water soak and then dehydrated. The activation process breaks down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors contained within raw pili nuts helping to retain the nuts’ nutrient density. Activating or sprouting the pili nut allows the body to access the pili nut’s numerous nutrients. The result is a super-nut with a rich buttery taste, containing a range of essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, and zinc. A complete protein containing all 8 amino acids, pili nuts contain the highest fat and lowest carbohydrate content of any nut varietal. To maintain freshness, we recommend storing your pili nuts in the refrigerator. While some love the crunchy texture of cold pili nuts, pili nuts are best at room temperature. At Pili Hunters, we have formed strong, ethical relationships with the Filipino communities that enable us to bring our delicious, activated pili nuts to you. In many of the Philippines’ rural communities, poverty drives villagers to turn to illegal logging and poaching to support themselves. However, by purchasing Pili Hunters’ pili nut products, we provide members of these communities with an environmentally friendly job – and a stake in the preservation of their natural surroundings. Pili Hunters’ pili nut products rely on the health of the environment and their cultivation encourages all involved to protect these naturally beautiful and ever so important  rainforests.