Collapsible Mop Bucket and Ice Bucket-5L(1.3 Gallon) Household Cleaning Silicone Dust Mops Bucket with no Wringer Set,Portable Bathroom Cleaning Supplies Bucket for Cleaning Caddy Spin Mops for Floor


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Color: Gray


  • Cleaning Supplies Collapsible Mop Bucket: The cleaning bucket can be folded and press the bottom of the mop bucket with your hand to storage.The clear mop bucket has perforated edges, you can hang it on the wall or store it in a closet or drawer,also,it can be used as car wash bucket.When you have 5L 1.3 gallon bucket dust mops bucket that can solve the more cleaning chores of life as well as any other cleaning products such as spin mops with bucket and foot pedal,glob mops,electric mop or spin mop replacement head,spray mop,mop slippers,flat mop and bucket system wet mop,wood floor mop,dust mop for hardwood floors or bathroom organizer shower caddy wash basin.
  • Save Space: The cleaning supplies organizer bucket for cleaning is 10.83in(27.5cm) in diameter, and the height of the clear ice bucket is 11.02in(28cm) before folding and 2.76in(7cm) after folding, which saves 75% of space by folding and storing. If you have various cleaning tools for housekeeping such as dish pans for washing dishes in sink, wet mops for floor cleaning, mops for floor cleaning, commercial mop, cleaning caddy organizer with handle, collapsible wash basin, spinning mop, flat mop, sponge mop or white washcloths in your home. Compared to any other cleaning supplies for housekeeping metal bucket or heated water bucket, the silicone mop bucket will be light, small and convenient.
  • To Lift Easily with Handle: Our house cleaning supplies bucket comes with a handle design to make it easy for you to carry whatever you want.In addition to any other home essentials tools such as mop for hardwood floor cleaning, mapos giratorios de limpiar piso, spin mop and bucket or mops and buckets for floor cleaning. This collapsible bucket is commonly used as a cleaning bucket for your home kitchen, car wash, hand wash basin, you’ll find this travel bucket perfect for holding and carrying water for RV, camping or hiking to clean the floor or wash your car. And the bucket is more lighter than 10 gallon bucket or 5 gallon bucket tool organizer.
  • Organize and Store Clutter:This home and kitchen bucket with no lid can use as a bath toy organizer for tub like plastic tub or collapsible tub to organize and store pink stuff or toys,household clutter or daily use of gadgets. The collapsible mop bucket commonly is used as household essentials cleaning bucket, spin mop bucket for mops and buckets for floor cleaning,microfiber mops for floor cleaning, dry mop, industrial mop, mops for floor cleaning with wringer, broom and dustpan set, foot spa,dust pan, baby bathtub, steam mop, mop set, dirty heads, mop head replacement, shop towels, ice scooper, ice scoop for freezer, jet dry mop heads or pan protectors for stacking.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning Using:This collapsible small mopping bucket made of food grade silicone is soft and stretchable and folds flat in seconds. Compare to 5 gallon bucket with lid or 5 gallon bucket seat, the buckets is more flexible to store. This mop bucket has multi-purpose cleaning using for camping, hiking, boating, fishing, house or car cleaning buckets, dishes or sinks, beverage ice buckets. For household cleaning supplies such as floor mop and bucket set, wall cleaner with long handle, hardwood floor mop, mop spin mop and bucket system spin mops, car wash kit with bucket, commercial mop bucket or scrubs in a bucket, maybe you want a useful gadgets clear ice bucket to assist you.
  • Easy Control of Pouring Water: The sturdy base and four-sided recessed design of bucket provide extreme stability and the base of mop bucket has a handle for easy control of pouring water.Some method all purpose cleaner cleaning gadgets like floor cleaner for mopping,shower caddy portable,steam mops for floor cleaning,hardwood floor cleaner,broom and dustpan,laundry detergent dispenser,baby bath tub,garbage can 13 gallon tall kitchen,champagne bucket,when you use these tools like caddy organizer kitchen towels and dishcloths sets,cleaning rags,dish cloths or dishwasher salt to clean,you will want a collapsible bucket to help you clean the room.
  • Home Essentials Must Have:This silicone bucket is different from other plastic buckets,ideal for bath toy organizer,pet food scoop or dishwashing can assist you solve 90% of life cleaning small problems. It has a wide range of uses that it can be use for colostrum collector, baby tub, laminate floor cleaner, wash cloth, room on the broom, kitchen washcloths for dishes, method wood cleaner, spray n wash, hand broom, rainbow vacuum fragrances, wall cleaner, arm and hammer laundry booster, puke bags, popcorn buckets reusable, dog food scoop 1 cup, damp duster, baseboard cleaner, kids broom and mop set for toddlers or ready set food.
  • Develop More Convenience to Life:This silicone bucket has a perforated edge,for fishing,you can snap it onto the edge of the bucket to deliver oxygen to your freshly hooked fishes;for painting,you can throw the dirty brushes into this bucket and carry it to clean.It can be used as an ice bucket for drinks or a beer storage container.Bring your life more possibilities of a colorful life,I believe that you will have this collapsible bucket for your house and also have any other home & kitchen gadgets such as cleaning towels,rejuvenate floor restorer,damp rid bucket,ice scoop for ice,machine,collapsible laundry basket or cleaning rags for housekeeping.
  • A Good Helper for RV or Hiking:Compare to some home organization must haves such as self cleaning cutting board set,cleaning cloths, vinyl floor cleaner, laptop cleaner, cleaning cloth, microfiber, mop heads replacements, simply modern, storage totes, mop handle, bbq prep tub, saved for later items face towel for washing face, cleaning kit or quick shine floor cleaner, this silicone bucket can not only be your mop bucket,water bucket,camping bucket,car wash bucket,laundry bucket. It can be a small beach bucket for playing in the sand, a bucket for washing dishes at your barbecue,or even a great fruit basket for picking fresh fruit when you go to the countryside.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee-We offer worry-free service for the cleaning supplies collapsible bucket,if you have any quality problem of mop bucket,we will solve with you within 24 hours.Our brand BIDFUL have been continuously focus on home and kitchen gadgets.This multipurpose clear ice bucket will be deserved for you as well as any other home essentials such as minnow bucket,window cleaning kit,vegetable wash,floor steamers for hardwood and tile,broom and dustpan set for home,kitchen garbage can 13 gallon,dish pan,bathroom caddy,electric mops for floor cleaning,inflatable baby bathtub,plastic ice scoop,1/2 cup scoop,small ice scoop or steam mop for hardwood floors.

Package Dimensions: 52x263x399